See And Do: Check Out These Five Charlotte Locations And Attractions

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Whether you’re new to Charlotte or lived here your whole life, there are all kinds of places worth checking out.

Here are five that offer memorable experiences and will leave you feeling like your business brought change to the greater community. From food and drinks to outdoor adventures, each brings a different sense of meaning to your life.


Bitty & Beau’s: 1930 Camden Road

Do you take your coffee with a side of innovation? Bitty & Beau’s Coffee has just moved into Charlotte’s South End and serves more than fresh grinds; it sells a new way of viewing people with disabilities.

The owners, Amy and Ben Wright, have four children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their goal: help make their children, and people like them, more valued by society through a staple that brings people together.

The shop is fully operated by employees with disabilities. Eighty percent of Americans with disabilities are unemployed. Grab a signature coffee but enter the café with an open mind and the chance to gain a new perspective with that latte.


Skiptown: 222 Rampart Street

Man’s best friend, or dog’s? The line is skewed at Skiptown in ever-growing South End.

Go alone or go with a furry friend. Skiptown knows how much we value our pets. They wanted to merge innovative technology with humans’ love for dogs.

The idea was born after CEO Meggie Williams couldn’t find a reliable pet service for her two dogs. In her frustration, she created a concept that was easy for owners to find a reliable daycare. The solution: an app that helps owners book walkers, schedule boarding, but also receive updates on their pet so they could check in throughout the day.

Not only does Skiptown offer daycare services, but an all-inclusive bar and park for both pets and humans. You can enjoy a beer alongside your pup, and furry customers can have their own assortment of refreshments, so you can relax while your dog mingles with other canines.

Skiptown offers inside and outside areas so you can relax without the stress of wearing a mask indoors. Don’t have a dog? Don’t sweat it. Skiptown welcomes all dog lovers.


UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens: 9090 Craver Road

Have a green thumb? Maybe you’re itching to get out of your apartment and into the fresh air. No matter who you are, the UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens should be on your to-do list.

There’s 10 acres of garden, a glasshouse, and even a classroom with an attached horticultural library. Unlike other botanical gardens, the location at UNC Charlotte was founded for students with a mission rooted in learning. With so many varieties of plants, you’re likely to learn a lot as you walk through the flowing gardens.

Take your lunch and stroll through all its natural beauty. It is a refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With its size, the gardens are also a safe place to keep distance from your neighbor so you can enjoy the views without worrying too much about spreading or catching germs.


Golden Cow Creamery: 601 S. Tryon Street

Usually, ice cream shops scoop out one purpose: a delicious treat. Golden Cow Creamery goes beyond just ice cream to serve the community as well.

All ingredients are sourced from local farmers. Not only does this give back to the farming community, but it also ensures the quality of their product.  The scoops you order will be fresh and free from preservatives no matter the season. The flavors are inspired by the diversity of the Charlotte food scene so there is an option for everyone to try.

In addition, owners Alex and Liz Hannah have spearheaded the Queens Share. Every month, a portion of profits go to a charitable organization.

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Carowinds: 14523 Carowinds Blvd.

The amusement park, which straddles the North Carolina-South Carolina border, is perfect for people looking for a thrill, but the fall schedule has activities and entertainment for those who prefer a less daunting time.

With 57 rides, everyone will find something to enjoy. As you explore the park, grab a bite among the dining options from funnel cakes to BBQ. If you’ve hit all the rollercoasters or just not interested in stomach-wrenching rides, Carowinds offers large outdoor venues to spotlight top music performers and productions. Because the venue is outside, there is plenty of room to spread out and social distance, making it a perfect change of pace from working at home all week.

Masks are a requirement for all riders and hand sanitizing stations have been set up around the park.

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